Thursday, April 22, 2010

Use Bukisa to Increase Page Views on Other Writing Sites

 Bukisa is an online writing site that pays residuals to writers. The site works on a revenue-share basis and writers receive money based on page views. At a minimum of only 250 words, Bukisa articles are short and simple to write. Membership to the site is free and anyone can quickly sign up and start writing.

Beyond the potential to make money with Bukisa articles, writers can also use the site to drive traffic back to articles on other sites. By using this simple strategy, writers can increase their income.

Start by finding articles you wrote that highlight a couple of different points. For instance, say you wrote an article entitled, "The Top Three Sushi Restaurants in Chicago" or "Three Green Craft Projects that use Recycled Supplies"? Both of those articles highlight three distinct items under one unifying theme.

After finding these articles, start promoting them through Bukisa. Start by writing a short article about one of the topics in your larger article. For instance, if you want to link back to the article on the top three sushi restaurants, write a Bukisa article on one of those restaurants. Because the original article contains three restaurants, three seperate Bukisa articles can be created and linked back to promote the original article. So for each larger article, you will create multiple Bukisa articles that link back to it.

The great thing about this strategy is the fact that you end up making money on all fronts. You increase your  page views for your other writing sites. You also earn residual income from your Bukisa articles. It's also a simple way to create a great amount of content with the same key words and topics. This helps to prevent research burnout and writer's block.

Use this writing strategy to work smarter instead of harder. Sign up for Bukisa and start writing short articles that can promote larger articles. It's one way to generate a larger audience and greater income without much more effort.


  1. Hi, I found you through Blogher!

    Have you used Bukisa? Has it worked for you?

    I've looked around here a bit and am glad I found the resource you offer. I would like to monetize my writing, but have only just begun my efforts.

    Thanks for putting all this information into one place!

  2. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for your comments!

    To answer your question, I basically use Bukisa just to promote other articles. Since they use small and informal articles, that works best for me. I know some people make a lot of money with Bukisa though, and I know others who don't like them because it's such a casual site. I think all residual writing sites are worthwhile, you just have to find a way to use each one to your best advantage.

    I hope that helps and thanks for reading!


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  4. Hi Elizabeth
    Great post and I love your blog too! Every time I think I start to get a handle on this writing or blogging life, I learn that there is so much I still don't know about! I'm glad we can share tips and help each other along. My best to you!

  5. Hi Busy,

    I like your blog so much that added a link to your blog today in an Examiner article:


  6. Thanks so much all!!! I still have so much to learn too. I love that, as writers, we are all so eager to share and learn from one another. Thanks for reading!!!

  7. Great post. I just sign up with Bukisa but I haven't written an article yet. I like the tip you gave about promoting other articles through Bukisa.