Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lost is Over, Now What? My Top 10 Ideas for Lost Spin-Off Shows

I thought I would take a little diversion from talking about writing to comment on my favorite television show, Lost. It has sadly come to an end, and I do mean sadly. I bawled during the entire episode, and then totally lost it (no pun intended) over the final scene with Jack and Vincent. Now that Lost is over though, I've got some ideas for spin-off shows that I'd love to see.

1. Lost in LA: What happens when a washed up pilot (Lapidus), a formerly-immortal assistant to a metaphysical being (Richard) and a psychic who can talk to the dead (Miles) share an apartment in Los Angeles?  Hilarity ensues as they learn about life, love and each other.

2. Heaven Can Wait: Ben reunites with the daughter he helped kill and romances her cougar mother, Danielle, all why trying to teach history to inner city youths.

3. The Really Odd Couple: Join Ben and Hurley as they battle the immortal forces of evil and protect the cave of light on the island. On the next episode, Hurley makes a cake and leaves a huge mess in the Dharmaville kitchen right before obsessive compulsive Ben's book club meeting.

4. Punky Kwon: After Ji Yeon's parents (Sun and Jin) both die in an unfortunate submarine accident, she is orphaned and forced to live with her curmudgeon grandfather. She gradually teaches the old codger to embrace life again and take time to smell the flowers.

5. Behind the Music: Driveshaft: An in-depth look at one of the least influential bands in recent history.  Discover how bass player, Charlie Pace overcame his addiction to heroin and reunited the band for one last world tour.

6. Daniel Faraday, The Quantum Physics Guy: Hey kids! Want to learn about quantum entanglement, worm holes and particle accelorators? Join wacky Dr. Faraday as he explores the wonderful world of quantum physics.

7. Everyday French Cooking with Danielle Rousseau: This week, learn how to cook wild boar with rosemary and sage.

8. Cop Out: A gritty crime drama set on the streets of Los Angeles. Two detectives, (Miles and Sawyer) have to work with a tough-as-nails street cop (Ana Lucia) to solve crimes.

9. Glee Club: A look at what happens when new music teacher, Daniel Faraday, has to take over the high school glee club. Can he compete with fellow teacher, Dr. Linus, for funding and students?

10. Dharma and Greg: Join us in the 1970's as new Dharma Initiative recruit, Greg, joins the motor pool and helps conduct scientific experiments on a mysterious island.

Thanks for indulging me in these silly rants. I really am sad to see Lost go, but all good things must come to an end. I guess that's really what the final show was all about anyway.