Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Buck up Buttercup and Work, Work, Work!

Lately I have been spending a lot of time online and little time actually working. I'll get on the writing forums, read blogs, play around with my Facebook page and even create iTunes playlists. None of these things are getting me to where I want to be financially. They are also deceptively time consuming. You feel like you are doing something when, in reality, nothing gets done.

My struggle to stay focused is more than just the average daydreamer's. I was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder when I was very young. I'm not sure I even needed the diagnosis though. The kids at my school were well-aware of my space-cadet mindset. They even stuck alien and space stickers on the back of my desk chair.

Now to clarify, I have the type of ADD that lends itself to daydreaming and spacing out, not the type that makes a person run around in circles and fidget in a chair. I was perfectly happy to watch a plant grow, instead of focusing on the daily lessons. I think that same mentality crops up in me from time to time in my adult life as well.

Over the years I have learned to deal with my ADD. I have never taken medication for my lack of focus, so I have been forced to learn coping mechanisms to get through the day and be successful in life. Though it hasn't always been easy, I'm glad I became somewhat self-reliant in my ability to correct my inattentiveness. Sometimes though, I will still go through periods where I will allow full days to go by without really focusing on anything that needs to be completed.

So I've decided I need to just make a schedule and stick to it. Even though focusing is more difficult for me, I've got to buck up and work in order to reach my goals. To compensate for my ADD, I'm going to set shorter timed work sessions for myself and set a buzzer to alert me of when it's time to work and time to stop. I'm also going to set a limit to my freetime on the Internet. I can so easily lose time online if I'm not aware of how quickly it is passing.

Anyway, this post is almost like a note to myself to be more self-sufficient and find a way to make it happen, regardless of my challenges. So to myself I say, "Buck up buttercup and work, work, work!!!"

What are the challenges keeping you from your goals?


  1. My challenges are just like yours; staying focused. I am the most inconsistent writer. I write like a demon for a week, then procrastinate for two. I would love to 1. Set a schedule. 2. Stick to it. For now I just go with the flow and when I'm in the groove, capitalize on it.

  2. I hear you Julia. Sometimes all we can do is go with the flow, especially when writer's block hits. I know I just have to say, "Step away from the computer" when I'm having trouble writing. Hopefully we'll both be more productive in the next months. ha ha.
    Thanks for reading!

  3. I can certainly relate! It's good of you to share your struggles with us so we all won't feel so alone.

  4. Thanks Sandra,

    I'm glad I could help!

  5. You know what.. this was exactly what I was facing.. till sometime last month, when I had an inspiring chat with Angela England, another Suitee and realized that I had to be more focused. Also, I have been practicing mindfulness meditation and have found that has really helped me focus on writing and not daydreaming, spacing out or just dawdling my precious writing time away:-)

  6. Great tips Prerna,

    Meditation has totally helped to refine my focus before. I consider running my meditation now. I know that I am so much more focused and productive when I run every day. It gives me the time to clear my head and just focus on breathing in and out. It's like Spring cleaning for my head, ha ha. Thanks for reading!