Thursday, February 4, 2010

Online Freelance Writing Terms for Beginners

When I first started out as an online freelance writer, it took me a while to understand all of the lingo and slang used in this profession. So, to help some of the newbies out, I decided to write an article on online writing terms. I've posted a portion of this article below. The entire article can be seen here.

Google Adwords - Google Adwords is an advertising program run by Google. Online writers use Google Adwords to research keywords. When those keywords are used in an article, they help to generate ads on writing websites and article pages. The ads, when clicked, generate income for the writer and the writing site. This is how most online writing sites make money.

SEO - SEO refers to search engine optimization. An online freelance writer uses SEO keywords and phrases to make an article easier to find by search engines. These keywords are commonly typed into search engines to find articles and web sites. A writer can find keywords using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. By typing a few keywords or phrases into the keyword tool, a list of related keywords will be generated. For example, a writer who types "cocktails" into the keyword tool might generate related keywords like "fruity cocktails" or "cosmopolitan cocktails". By using a variety of these keywords, a writer can make it easier for search engines to find an article. When articles are easily found by search engines, more people read the article and the writer makes more money.

PV's - PV's is an abbreviation of page views. It refers to the number of views that an article, or a collection of articles, receives in a given time. Writers strive for high PV's but it is only one piece of the puzzle when writing to make money online. Writers must also pay attention to CPC.

CPC - CPC refers to cost per click. When looking up keywords on the Google Keyword Tool, writers can choose to view the average estimated CPC for each keyword. The CPC is the estimated amount of money that an ad will generate when someone clicks  . . . read more

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