Friday, September 25, 2009

14 Articles in 14 Days: Working the Writing Muscles

Right now I am in the middle of a 14 articles in 14 days challenge for Suite 101. At first I thought this would be relatively easy. I mean, there are days when I can sit down and write 3-5 articles with little problem. 14 in 14 is turning out to be slightly more challenging than I first thought though.

I guess I would liken this challenge to training for a marathon. Training for a marathon requires running every day. Some days are great and you feel like running for miles. Other days, just putting on the tennies is an arduous task. The same is true for writing.

Some days I can crank out 3-5 high-quality articles before lunch. Other days, I could labor away all day just to produce one presentable article. I find that this is the challenge with 14 in 14. Writing one article every day for 14 days challenges you to work the writing muscles even when they're aching and tired.

On the positive side and in keeping with the sports theme, the challenge is instilling a "just do it" or, better yet, "just write it" attitude in me. It is exciting to see my page views dramatically increase and my revenue go up. I'm going to stick with it and push through the writing pain and hopefully I will reap the benefits when I cross the finish line.


  1. What a great way to challenge yourself as well as add articles to Suite101. I just spent several hours yesterday writing one article for Suite101. Normally, like you, I can write at least 2 quality articles in about 3 hours but when I write for Suite101 it is different. I take extra time to find more research and to check every fact, even when I know the facts are correct. I think that is good, though - it keeps our skills up as writers and makes us better writers for it.
    Write Moms

  2. Hey DeAnna,

    I know what you mean about Suite101. It is substantially more challenging than eHow. I also agree that writing for them helps me to continually develop my writing skills. After all, once I write 14 articles in 14 days, writing one article a week will be a cake walk. he he! Thanks for the comment!